The Perks of Hiring a Deck Contractor

July 28, 2020

A deck is the perfect extension of your home. As an outdoor extension of your living space, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors – right outside your door! Whether you are planning on using this added space to entertain, garden, or relax with the family, our deck contractor team at Litman Construction is available to build the perfect deck to make memories for years to come.

We work with you

Building or remodeling a deck is no easy task, so we are happy to work with you to create the deck plan best suited for your home, space, and lifestyle. Your deck design can be as simple as a rectangular shape, or as complex as designing multiple levels and creating curves and other decorative shapes. Our team follows a detailed deck building process – here is how we do it.

Things to consider before we start:

Location of Deck

When looking at your future decking options and location, you must consider the wood type and materials you are using. For example, if the location of your deck gets full sun exposure, you will want to look at wood decking made of mahogany, redwood, or cedar. A shady spot might be better for composite decking board.

Different deck materials also have differing attributes. Staining or sealing a deck can slow the changing of wood over time, but can require more effort, whereas composite decking is great for those who prefer less maintenance.

Depending on location, you may want to cover your deck. For a Duluth Area remodeling project, we can build a pergola or install a folding awning system. These systems allow you to control sun exposure or help shield you from the rain, also allowing you to add furniture and create a great outdoor space - perhaps to include a relaxation area and dining table. We can see it now.

Plant your favorite flowers

Do you consider yourself a green thumb and planning on creating a garden on your new deck? Hydroponic planters and raised beds are easy to manage and are a beautiful addition to any deck. In Minnesota, decks are typically considered seasonal spaces, usable only for the summer and fall. However, adding a three or four season porch allows you to enjoy the scenery all year around.

Our Deck Building Process:

1) Initial Consultation

Our deck construction process starts with an initial consultation onsite and discussion of type of deck build, size, type of decking material and function of your deck.

2) You’ll Receive an Estimate

Once we discuss the design and functionality of your deck with you, we will send you an estimate. As specific material procurement may take some time, we will quote the closest estimate of your project. Depending on materials, we may need to set an allowance unless we have chosen a predetermined manufacturer and type of decking/rail.

3) Scheduling Your Project

After you agree on the estimate, we will schedule your project.

A permit may be necessary for deck construction. Depending on the type of deck, it may be necessary to have engineered plans drawn up to gain jurisdiction approval from the building inspection office. Some jurisdictions may require a survey of the property lines depending on proximity to those boundaries.

4) We Procure your Deck materials

After this, we make the final decision on the choice of decking material and rail material. Drilling and boring may be required prior to working. As the owner, you will locate all private utility lines (Sewer, Water, buried private electrical etc.). Gas, Electrical and Phone can be located by the local utilities.

5) We Start Building Your Deck!

Decks can take a few days to multiple weeks depending on the complexity. Upon completion of your new deck, we will do a final cleaning of the work area.

The advantage of hiring an expert in deck construction is that you don’t have to worry about construction and material procurement yourself – and you can count on professional results. Let us know your ideas regarding the design and leave the conception to the craftsman!

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