Why Hire a Construction Company Instead of DIY on Your Next Remodel

October 4, 2021

When planning on new home updates or remodels, it can be tempting to take on the project yourself, and in some cases DIY projects are perfect! However, many homeowners start a remodel themselves without knowing how much time, skill, or cost will end up going into it and regret the decision not to hire a professional. Here are some things to think about before knocking down that wall or replacing those windows yourself.


First, some projects require a special permit or a license, for these it is best to check into a professional. This is often true for plumbing, electrical, and gas related projects. Homeowners insurance may not cover damage if a project goes wrong, while professional contractors will carry the proper insurance including general liability and worker’s compensation.


When doing home improvements yourself, you also won’t get any kind of warranty. A contractor provides a warranty, so if something on the job is not up to par, you are protected and the responsibility lies with the contractor, resulting in your investment not gone. These first two points will take the risk off of you.


Professionals perfect their craft daily, continually improving their quality of work. This can prevent mistakes and ensure a job is beautifully done. If you are inexperienced and make a mistake during installations – it can result in more costly repairs.


Window framing and installation have so many ins and outs that it may be beneficial to turn to the pros that are experts and understand how to do the job correctly and efficiently. Flooring can also present issues if working around corners, doorways, and baseboards. Additionally, structural upgrades and repairs may demand the expertise of a contractor, engineer, or architect. The cost of not doing it right the first time can be significant.


Remember, you may find surprises along the way that affect workflow, timeline, and budget. Professionals anticipate problems and have experience in managing any issues. A small oversight can lead to larger problems down the line. Knowing what problems could arise and addressing them right away can save you money and headaches later on.


Safety is of greatest importance during projects, if any aspect of the job could hurt you or destroy a part of your home, it is best to search for a contractor. Always opt for caution over cost.


Another aspect to think about is materials and costs. A contractor has quality materials and equipment already, so you can skip investing in those tools. Contractors also know the best tools for any job.


With products and materials constantly developing and changing within the construction industry, professionals also stay current and know the trends and best options.


Finally, time is something you can never get back. How much is your time worth? It can become a struggle to juggle a home project with all the other things going on in your life. Keeping your free time is important, and by hiring a contractor the job is more likely to get done quickly.


In any home update, it is important to make sure the investment of your home retains or even enhances its value. Hiring a professional ensures that your remodel results in the new functional space you are dreaming of, as well as the opportunity to raise your house’s value.


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