Home Projects and Updates that Add Value

November 8, 2021

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, you might be thinking about ways to raise the house’s value, allowing you to increase your asking price. Or maybe you are simply looking for ways to enjoy your home more without a total renovation. There are many updates and home projects that are easy and inexpensive to take on to increase the appeal of your home.


Kitchen Updates


The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Families gather here to cook, eat, and share time together. Since people spend so much time here, many homebuyers are looking for modern feeling kitchens. A remodel or simple update to an old kitchen can see a big pay off.


Small replacements like a new faucet, cabinet hardware, or light fixtures can improve the overall look to the space. Backsplash tile is also a smaller ticket item than can easily be installed and make the kitchen feel like a completely different room.


Resurfacing instead of replacing worn or beaten down cabinets can also add market value without breaking the bank. You can also paint cabinetry to give the space a fresh look. Our tip is to opt for lighter upper cabinets and darker lower to fit trending styles.


Appliances can also make a difference. Consider switching older appliances with new energy-efficient versions. These will help the environment and energy costs while giving an updated look to the kitchen. To give the room a more cohesive look, make sure to purchase appliances with matching doors and face panels.


Spruce up the Bathroom


The bathroom is another space where you don’t have to go overboard to add true value. There is no need to have to stress about touching the plumbing in order to make a big difference. Brighten the room with some fresh paint, re-grout and reglaze the bathtub, and install some new fixtures and a mirror for an easy transformation.


The bathroom is one of the top areas that potential home buyers care about, and in turn is a place where you can add the most value. So make sure not to forget even the small updates here as you are looking to boost value and style.


Any and Every Room


For any and every room, our best recommendation for a quick facelift is to update any outdated or old fixtures, hardware, or lights. This also goes for any dated wallpaper or paint. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color is a simple and cost-effective way to add additional appeal. Depending on the current condition of your flooring, an update could also be beneficial to raising value. Switch the carpeting and rugs, or completely take out the old, worn carpet and replace it with hardwood or laminate flooring which are durable and can be fairly simple to install.


If you are willing and interested in taking on a bigger project, opening up a living space by knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room or living room can create an airy, modern environment. Many people are looking for this open concept due to an increased amount of time spent working, studying, entertaining, and eating at home.


Trendy finishes should also be thought about when making any home updates if you are choosing to sell soon. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen can increase more demand than other finishes that people may have less interest in. This same concept applies with choosing a brushed nickel material for door knobs over brass and switching out yellow incandescent light bulbs for LED lights.


Attic or Basement Space


Homebuyers are drawn to more versatile rooms. If you are able to finish and renovate an attic or basement into a workout area, office, or family room it will add square footage onto your home’s blueprint as well as appeal to potential buyers who will be able to envision how they can personalize the space. If it is possible to build a bedroom in an unfinished basement, the addition of another bedroom will also boost value and selling price in the future.


If you are unable to create a living space, adding insulation to your attic is a great way to add value, and you will often recoup the entire cost it took to fill. Plus, while you are still living in the house you will see the benefits of saving money on energy costs!


Energy Efficiency


While we are talking about energy costs, sealing cracks around doors and windows can also prevent energy loss. Installing Energy Star rated windows and getting rid of single pane, drafty options will help save on heating and cooling costs. During a home inspection, a lack of insulation as well as drafty windows and doors will be noted, so even if updating these items didn’t add a great amount of value, replacing them ensures the value does not decrease. Plus, new windows can make your home quieter and more visually appealing.


Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances like a furnace or a microwave can also lower the cost of electricity and gas bills.


Additionally, smart thermostats can save you money on your utility bill each month you live in the home by improving efficiency. Thermostats are not the only smart devices people are starting to expect in homes. Keypad door locks, fire detectors, security cameras, and lighting enhancements are also currently trending and make your life easier.


Outdoor Space


Decks are a great investment since they increase living area while costing less to build per square foot. This is also a great versatile space that appeals to everyone by creating an outdoor seating and entertainment area. Learn more about creating a deck and the perks of hiring a contractor in our past blog here.


The importance of a first impression fits for homebuyers as well. Make sure the exterior siding of your house is washed and any worn spots are touched up. Structural elements of a home are looked at by appraisers when selling, so replacing old siding can also help in increasing value.


Installing a new garage and front door will also make your home look more welcoming. We recommend a steel front door due to their benefits of being energy efficient, low maintenance, and block the cold in this environment.


Although a larger project, fixing roof problems or replacing it when needed is important both for you and for a potential homebuyer. An old or faulty roof can lower the value of a house, so making sure it is in tip top shape is really just a good home investment.


Also make sure shrubs, trees, and bushes are trimmed, pruned and surrounded with mulch to create a more finished look. Flowerbeds and pots are a great way to add some bright color and positivity. Get rid of years of dirt by power washing the driveway and sidewalks. Adding a new walkway and exterior lighting can also help with the curb appeal of your home.


When it comes to adding more value to your house, it is highly important to focus on smaller projects that are proven to make your home feel more updated, comfortable, and energy efficient.


At Litman Construction, we offer residential services for home additions and remodels including bathroom, kitchen, basement, and deck renovations. We are also happy to provide handyman services for smaller projects and home improvements. We are proud to bring high-quality craftsmanship with dependable materials and proven processes to the Northland.


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